Raymond Coalition for Youth brings community resources and partners together to help youth reach their potential. We work to empower youth and make our community a safer and healthier place. From community education to our diverse community partners, programs and family fun events, Raymond Coalition for Youth has something for everyone.

Raymond Coalition for Youth brings positive choices full circle and you can help us by becoming a donor, board member, volunteer or advocate – yes, you telling others about RCFY is our best way to advertise, your friends and coworkers value your opinion! Join us now.

The Raymond Coalition For Youth empowers the community to promote positive youth development and reduce youth substance use, and suicide risk. We have been doing this collaboratively since 2002 and the key to our success is involving our young people in the process and putting their voice into action. RCFY provides information, resources, and services far beyond the Raymond Town lines and our impact is reflected in our ongoing successful outcomes. All of these efforts are reflected on our website and social media accounts.

Prevention work is not one group, one event, one donation. Prevention is every day, working with the community, adults, and youths. Prevention is working with all different sectors of the community: Youth-Serving, Education, Healthcare, Faith-Based, Government, Businesses, Parents, and Volunteers. Prevention is working with other communities.

We currently employ two full-time staff members and two part-time staff members. We have a very involved Board of Directors, who are volunteers, as well as a great team of volunteers, community partners, and supporters, that continues to grow.

2018 Summer Interns: 

Grace ~ 
As a student in the Raymond School District, I was a member of the Raymond Coalition for Youth's Youth Action group for 6 years, and even after I left home for Hamilton College I knew that this was an organization that I wanted to keep being a part of. This summer, I will be helping the RCFY organize their collection and storage of data. I will also be assisting with the creation and implementation of some new fundraising strategies and campaigns, among other various administrative tasks, as I learn more about what it means to help run a nonprofit and coalition. When I went away for college, I was worried that that would mean the end of my time with this amazing organization, but when I realized that I could be an intern here, I was beyond jubilated. Being away made me realize that I want to be involved in nonprofit work in my future, and the message that the Coalition sends out to the community is such an important one that I couldn’t think of a place I’d rather spend the summer learning. I look forward to reconnecting with all the people I’ve met through my connection with the Coalition, and to meeting many more during my internship the summer!

Jacob ~ 
Hello there, my name is Jacob Rubin and I am one of the three interns working with the Raymond Coalition for Youth this summer. Over this summer I am going to be working a lot on the weekly Summer Fun Series, as well as our table for the Raymond Town Fair, and even some ideas for Fundraising. Then there is my big goal for the summer; which is hopefully reaching out to the professional sports leagues in the country, and seeing if we could get them to represent Red Ribbon Week in some way, whether that’s by having players wear red ribbons on their helmets or wearing the color red in some way or another, and have it acknowledged and brought to the attention of fans around the globe. The idea of reaching out and trying to make a difference on that big of a scale is something that I am really looking forward to doing this summer, as well as our Summer Fun Series which we’re hoping to make the best one to-date. After graduating High School and going off to college, I realized how badly drugs and alcohol affect some people. I was able to spread some of the knowledge that I had gathered as a Youth Member of RCFY with people I met at college, and was even able to change some people’s views on alcohol and drug consumption.

Joscalyn ~ 
Hello, I’m Joscalyn, I have been a long time Member of youth action starting in middle school. I have participated in one other internship during my summer into junior year, participated in many events, and ran the middle school youth action during my senior of high school. I’m currently an intern for the RCFY during my break from college. I’m working on a few projects this summer. One of my major events is the 9-week-long Summer Fun Series with Jacob. We are trying to make it a larger event for the town, and hopefully get it recognized more. I am also working on National Night Out which is an event that focuses on uniting police officers and kids. I’m also working on a video that I should be conducting at the Town Fair; it’s kind of an attempt to understand how the community views our organization, and in a small way gives us insight into their perspectives. I have a couple other smaller projects like a community tag game I’m developing, an addiction article that I’m currently editing for the paper, and fundraising. 

In 2017 alone, here are highlights of work we accomplished:
  • Planned, organized and funded Project Safeguard for over 150 students, teachers and parents,
  • Planned, organized and promoted Family Fun Night for over 300 guests and 31 community partner tables,
  • Planned, organized, promoted 4th Annual Gala with 150 + guests, sponsorships and over 70 businesses donating items for raffles and auctions,
  • Organized and presented at National CADCA Leadership Conference and was the state Prevention Leader for NH,
  • Held 11 monthly RCFY community networking meetings,
  • Held weekly Youth Action monthly meetings at both middle and high schools,
  • Held monthly Heroin Drug Task force planning and information meetings resulting in numerous connections and resources to our community.
  • Conducted several public information sessions and produced awareness materials,
  • Organized, submitted, and were approved for eighth year of a $125,000 Drug Free Communities (DFC) federal grant,
  • Assisted with $200,000 grant and provided financial support for Student Assistance Personnel (SAP) at Raymond High School (RHS)
  • Nominated RCFY for NH Nonprofit Impact Award,
  • Planned, coordinated, implemented and are reporting out on Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) for both Iber Holmes Gove Middle School and Raymond High School for 2017
  • Partnered with the Raymond NH Police Department and Walgreens for our most successful National Drug Takeback Day on April 29, a national biannual event led by the National Drug Enforcement Administration. We collected 138 lbs. of medications, a record for Raymond, that were safely and properly disposed of, protecting our youth, our community and our environment,
  • Hosted a collaborative community forum, “Keeping Our Youth and Communities Safe and Drug-Free” on May 4, 2017, with resources available to the community, and guest speakers including Jim & Jeanne Moser, sharing their personal story of the loss of their 27 year old son to an opioid overdose,
  • Partnered with 22 other community organizations with “Every Community Has a Story”, an interactive, educational workshop showcasing health and wellness through Prevention, Intervention, Treatment and Recovery,
  • Organized annual town-wide clean up efforts, “Operation Raymond Clean Up” typically each May, offering clean up “kits” which included gloves, t-shirts, safety instructions, and special town trash bags to Raymond Residents who wish to help beautify our town. The students at the after school program at Lamprey River Elementary School also participated on May 10th,
  • Both RHS and IHGMS Youth Action groups participated in the 2017 Granite Youth Film Festival. Produced Pill Pressure, and Side Effects Not Intended videos, which premiered at O'Neil Cinemas on June 4th and 5th!

This list of accomplishments continues to grow, and this work is essential in our community. We thank you for your support, and your commitment to a Safe and Drug-Free Raymond!

Raymond's 2016 Annual Report, a year in review –
RCFY is in the report, pages 83 & 84, click here for the full report:


Click on these images to see our reports specifically: 

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxqFKrI6EG-kMHNBd2dDMzBQSVk/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxqFKrI6EG-kMHNBd2dDMzBQSVk/view