A special letter of Thanks from Celeste, RCFY Director:

Thank you – Two simple words that are so very important.  Whether you are the person who pauses to give thanks, or are the recipient of a thank you, the simple act can make you feel good inside, and put a smile on your face.  Volunteers are the people who make a non-profit organization reach its highest potential, and can be the heart and soul of what keeps a mission moving forward.

On behalf of the Raymond Coalition For Youth (RCFY), I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the many men, women and children who support our mission to empower the community to promote positive youth development and reduce youth substance use, and suicide risk.

In 2017, RCFY is celebrating 15 years of service to not only the community of Raymond, but far beyond our town, and even state lines.  There are literally thousands of people who have been involved in one way or another over the years in the work of RCFY.  Some are part of an organization, a group, a business, state or local government, and some are involved as individuals. Some helped with a small project, task or event, and some jumped in for a longer commitment. No matter the task or amount of time, each one is appreciated, each one is valued and each has contributed to the success and longevity of RCFY.  Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough, when you put into perspective - all that has been accomplished.

RCFY is an example of people coming together.  Pitching in and helping when and how they can.  Sharing their time, talent and treasure.  Our young people who are a part of RCFY Youth Action say it best, “RCFY is about our community, it is about feeling connected to something bigger than yourself, and knowing you are making a difference.”  

It is easy to sit back and list the many things that might not be going as people planned or hoped.  However, it is far more productive to come to a table and think about how we can improve what we have, who we need to involve or ask to the table, and how they can share the resources they have to help us achieve success together.

In the midst of our public health crisis with opioids it is now more important than ever, for people to be working together to support others.  Two out of three people know a person who is struggling personally, or have a loved one, who is struggling with substance misuse disorder.  This disease does not care where you live, how much money you make, or what your title is.  It is literally affecting everyone, in every town, in one way or another.

RCFY has a committed group of volunteers who are working hard to get people talking and connect with resources and information.  You do not need a degree, a title, or to work in a doctor's office to help.  All you need is a caring heart, a listening ear and a moment of your time.

Thank you.  

Thank you to the many volunteers who set aside time to get involved, it is appreciated each and every day.