Coming Soon!

The Raymond Coalition for Youth believes there are many pathways to Recovery.  Recovery Coaching is a service for individuals who desire assistance to provide supports that may be necessary to improve the likelihood of sustaining abstinence and improving overall life functioning. 

We are excited to announce that we will be offering Recovery Coaching to members of our community, soon. This service will be free for those who need it. This is an initiative of our Recovery Task Force

What Recovery Coaching IS:
  • Helping you to initiate and maintain recovery
  • Providing education about what recovery is
  • Providing education about harm reduction
  • Creating a reuse prevention plan
  • Setting SMART goals
  • Offering Support and Resources on your path to Recovery
What Recovery Coaching IS NOT:
  • Recovery Coaching is not a clinical or medical service
  • It does not guarantee that a person will sustain remission from their addiction
  • It does not replace any treatment arrangement established by the individual with an experienced addiction counselor or program.
  • It does not replace any clinical or medical health treatments