If you are experiencing a crisis situation, call 2 1 1

If you have an emergency, call 9 1 1 

For more resources, please visit our Community Resources Pages

The Recovery Task Force meets every third Tuesday at Raymond Baptist Church, at 8:30 a.m., in the front business office.  There is NO meeting on December 17th.  Enjoy your holidays!

Join us at our January 9th monthly RCFY community networking meeting as we have a special combined meeting with the regular monthly community networking meeting, and special guests from Teen Challenge NH will be our guest speakers. They will be talking about the success of their recovery programs and the potential for us to have a location in Raymond. 

As you may know, the Raymond Coalition for Youth has formed a Recovery Task Force (initially called the Heroin/Drug Task Force) for our community. The purpose is:

  • To help break the stigma about addiction and substance misuse so those in need will seek services and resources.
  • To increase access to resources in our community to help individuals and families struggling with substance misuse and addiction.
We recognize that this concern is going to take all corners of our community working together to address it successfully and bring Hope and help to everyone affected by it.  The most successful and cost-effective strategy is prevention. 

When we talk about prevention we need to remember that there are factors that play a key role in making a difference. They include reducing access to a substance and increasing awareness of the risk and harm associated with use.  For an individual or family who is struggling with addiction, they need access to resources for support and treatment.  How is this prevention?  It is breaking the cycle of addiction, which some families experience.  If we can get a family help with their substance misuse it is less likely that their children will repeat the unhealthy behavior.  

To help reduce access:
We are encouraging everyone to look in their homes for any expired, overprescribed or no longer needed medication, and to drop off at the Raymond Police Department, 1 Scribner Road.  

If you have medication in your home please do not leave it out in the open, or in a location that others can access it without your knowledge.  An example: a medicine cabinet in your bathroom, behind a locked door.  Keep it out of sight and reach to be safe.

To Increase Awareness:
    Heroin and prescription drug misuse is in our community and is affecting many families.
    • In the USA someone dies every 19 minutes due to a Prescription Drug overdose.
    • 6% of our Raymond High School students have reported using Heroin in their lifetime
    • 10% of Raymond students report using prescription drugs to get high in the past 30 days

    We want to get the message into our community that it is here, we need to acknowledge it and work together to address it. We have hosted two community forums to raise awareness in Raymond and our surrounding communities. The individuals who share their stories are from Raymond and surrounding communities. They are brave enough to tell their stories because they want to help others and be a part of the solution to make a difference. The taped videos are available via your computer, thanks to Raymond Community TV. They can be viewed at a time convenient for you by clicking the links. Building A Drug-Free Home and Heroin, It Affects Everyone in Our Community .