Give a memorial gift

A memorial gift to The Raymond Coalition For Youth is a personal remembrance that honors the life of someone who cared about making a difference for others in the community.

Your thoughtful gift in memory of a friend or loved one will be acknowledged with a letter to the family when this information is provided. 

(Please include with your gift the name of the individual the gift is being made for and if possible the name and address of the family member whom you would like to receive the acknowledgement).

For Family Members:

Your wishes for gifts to be made in memory of your loved one can be included in the obituary, memorial site, and the funeral home announcement.


When requested (by contacting our office) we can also add this information to our website with information provided (Name, picture, and a description why this memorial donation would be important to the deceased.)  A memorial such as this could encourage others to learn more about the value of volunteering, and possibly encourage others to get more involved the work of RCFY and supporting community and community efforts. 

A memorial gift to RCFY supports the continued work of bringing our community to together to support our young people and the ongoing efforts to support positive, healthy choices. This gift is one with special meaning, and is truly a lasting tribute to supporting our community and youth.

If you would like to make a gift donation to celebrate a special occasion for friend, or loved one — It can be done by mail, RCFY, 4 Epping St, Raymond NH 03077.

You may also make a donation safely and securely online, using the option below:

John F. McPhee

March 22, 1948 - January 8, 2019

Our thoughts and prayers go out to John's family and friends.  

The Raymond Coalition For Youth held a special place in his heart, as he was the father of founding member and current Executive Director, Celeste Clark.  He saw the grassroots effort of RCFY emerge into a thriving organization that serves the community, and youth, and was very proud of the impact community members were making, working together to make a difference.

John lived a life of giving back and taking care of others, so the mission of RCFY was close to him.  Growing up, he had several adults in his life that stepped in and helped him become the man he was, proving that all adults can play a vital role in the success of a young person’s life. 

He served our country in the Vietnam War and was always there for family and friends if they were ever in need.  He wanted to pass this on to generations to come, and a gift in his memory is a tribute to this.  Click here to read his obituary.

Dennis Michael Lydon

January 9, 1953 - July 27, 2018

Our thoughts, prayers, and gratitude go out to Dennis Lydon's family and his memory. Dennis wanted his memory to live on by encouraging others to get involved and learn more about the work of RCFY

Dennis was an active community volunteer and knew the value of getting involved. He wanted to encourage others to know the importance of volunteer work, not only to the organization you are volunteering for, but also the individuals themselves. Thank you, Dennis, for all you did and your legacy. May you Rest in Peace.  Click here to read his obituary