Executive Director, Celeste Clark – In 2000, Celeste was a concerned parent, willing to get involved, take a stand, and work hard to get the idea of a Coalition going. Devoting too many hours to count of her personal time, Celeste is living proof that believing in a cause and working diligently can bring about amazing change. Celeste is a positive thinker and true believer in the youth of Raymond. In addition to Celeste’s infectious passion for youth and community she is well versed in anti-drug prevention strategies, and is a 2012 CADCA (Community Anti-Drug/Alcohol Coalitions of America) graduate. She has been successful in numerous endeavors over the last decade for youth programming, management/supervision, youth development, community building and collaboration. If you asked the youth to describe Celeste using one word or you asked Celeste to describe the youth with one word, you would get the same answer: AMAZING!

Administrative Program Coordinator, Pam Turcotte – Few understand the needs of the youth and community more than someone like Pam who has dedicated much of her time not only to the Coalition, but to the many committees and boards. Pam is a local businesswoman, foster care mother, substitute teacher, and long time resident of Raymond. She served on the Coalition’s Board for four years before transitioning into the role of Finance Officer, and is the current Administrative Program Coordinator, where the Coalition continues to benefit greatly from her insight and extensive financial accounting background and expertise.

Program Coordinator, Christine BostaphChristine has been a team member in several capacities over the past several years.  We are very excited to announce that she is moving into a full time position working with our Youth Action teams at the middle and high school as well as our various, and sometimes  numerous, programs and activities.

Communications / IT Coordinator, Kathy Pouliot – Kathy has been an involved member and dedicated volunteer for RCFY for several years. Most recently, she answered the call to help with our expanding social media outreach needs. Her background is in medical office management, is a self-taught computer enthusiast from web development to hardware and software troubleshooting. She is dedicated to ensuring our awareness efforts, and keeping the community updated and informed, will be achieved in a very timely and compassionate manner. Her excitement and energy brings a refreshing look to our work and is a boost to the team.

Former Youth Leader, Joscalyn Gallo – Joscalyn is a long-time member of RCFY's Youth Action Group. Through her involvement in Youth Action, her passion for working with youth has grown. She has recently completed a summer leadership training program, and is eager to work with the youth in the Iber Holmes Gove Middle School Youth Action group to create positive peer to peer messaging. We will miss Joscalyn now that she is off at college, and we're very proud!

Former Youth Leader, Rachael Cormier – Rachael was a member of RCFY YA during her high school career and was a driving force behind our Youth Summer Fun Series. In addition she has been involved in the inception of Tar Wars and has been a part of several of our Youth created public service announcements. She stayed involved with YA after graduation as she moved onto college. She has a passion to work with young people and is dedicated to the youth and community of Raymond. She joined our RCFY team as a youth advisor working with our Granite Alliance contract in the Fall of 2016. Rachael completed her grant after the end of our 2017 Summer FUN! Series, and we were very grateful to have her on staff for the past year.