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Our volunteers are the BEST!!

If you are a one time volunteer for an event or activity, or a regular we can call on to jump in, you are appreciated and make a difference!!

Interested in volunteering?

For more information about volunteering:

Please contact our office, or 603-895-7061/7062 to let us know how you would like to help and what your interests are.  We have many opportunities listed below and current ones listed on the form provided here.  The first step is to fill out the form and let us know your interest so we can make your experience with RCFY a positive and productive one for you and RCFY alike.  

Why volunteer for the Raymond Coalition For Youth?  
First and foremost - to make a difference.  People volunteer for so many reasons – out of a sense of service, because they have skills to share, and YES, just because it feels good to be needed! 

Volunteer Interest Form
Please let us know how you are interested in volunteering for RCFY.

What type of Volunteer are you?
There are many ways to support and make a difference.  Depending on how much time you want to spend volunteering and where your interests lie, there are all kinds of things you could do!  The following are just a few examples – call our office at (603) 895-7061 to discuss how YOU might best fit into the Raymond Coalition For Youth as a volunteer.  Any and all time is appreciated.  You can give 2 hours per week, 2 hours per month, or 1 day a year, or you name it!

  • Youth Action Groups  -  Youth Action Groups meetings
  • General volunteer options
  • Attend monthly meetings and share and invited others to get involved. 
  • Help hanging flyers, and sharing resource cards, posters, signs & community resource guide distribution to local businesses & organizations
  • Help us promote and sell our RCFY Discount Cards
  • Community outreach - help man a RCFY table at community events such as the Town Fair, open houses, etc.
  • Help enroll local businesses & organizations to support RCFY mission & goals
  • Focus Group Leader – Host a focus group
  • Speaker for events
  • Board of Directors  - please check out the Board page for more information  
  • Recovery Friendly Work Place advocate
  • Historian/Scrapbooking
  • General office help - stuffing envelopes, copying, etc. 
  • Volunteer Coordinator - if you are organized and want a bit more of a long-term commitment maybe this position is for you?  We would love to chat! 
  • Plan the events (Gala, Prevention Summit, Family Fun Night, Operation Raymond Cleanup)
  • Other, please share your thoughts and ideas.

Please view our Volunteering Guidelines: