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Our volunteers are the BEST!!

If you are a one time volunteer for an event or activity, or a regular we can call on to jump in, you are appreciated and make a difference!!

Why volunteer for the Raymond Coalition For Youth?  
First and foremost - to make a difference.  People volunteer for so many reasons – out of a sense of service, because they have skills to share, and YES, just because it feels good! 

What type of Volunteer are you?

Please take a look at the list below. Each level of volunteering is very important to the overall success of RCFY.  Take a moment to look at the options and let us know where you would like to help.  

Followers and Fans - you get our newsletter, follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn, and/or YouTube) and follow up when RCFY is in need of supporters.

Cheerleaders and Advocates - you share the newsletter and social media posts, make positive comments, and encourage others to learn more and get involved.  You tell friends, neighbors and family members about RCFY.  You wear the t-shirt or sweatshirt proudly!!  You help sell tickets for our Gala or help  find Sponsors to highlight their business or donate raffle items.  

Call me members - you are hands on and help with activities and/or events.  You may bake or cook, you may assemble, you may help with events such as the town fair, Family Fun Night or other events. 

Volunteer Leader - you attend RCFY meetings (as an adult or Youth Action member) and share the information and resources learned with others.  You may share your knowledge and expertise to make things happen or speak at RCFY meetings or events to help others learn.  You may be on a special committee for fundraising, finding a new building, Project Safeguard etc.  

Board of Directors - this is the leadership team of RCFY and sets the strategic direction.  The board is responsible for the long term financial and people capacity to see that RCFY continues for many years to come. 

Sign up below to be added to our Volunteer Opportunities email list to receive an email (or phone call) about upcoming Volunteer Opportunities. 



Volunteer Interest Form
Please let us know how you are interested in volunteering for RCFY.

For more information about volunteering:

There are many ways to support and make a difference.  Depending on how much time you want to spend volunteering and where your interests lie, there are all kinds of things you could do!  If you have an idea and do not see it on our list please– call our office at (603) 895-7062 to discuss how YOU might best fit into the Raymond Coalition For Youth as a volunteer.  Any and all time is appreciated.

Please fill out our form above or contact our or 603-895-7062 to let us know how you would like to help and what your interests are.  We have many opportunities listed below and current ones listed on the form provided here.  The first step is to fill out the form and let us know your interest so we can make your experience with RCFY a positive and productive one for you and RCFY alike.