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Tobacco kills 1 person every 4 seconds from primarily preventable diseases such as lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD, which includes chronic bronchitis & emphysema), & tuberculosis.  Want to quit? Call 800-QUITNOW (7848-669) or visit the website Quit Now NH.  For information on COPD, see the Breathe New Hampshire​ website (above). #NoTobacco

Vaping is still "tobacco" - nicotine comes from the tobacco plant. It's still addictive.

If you are a teenager or young adult and want to quit vaping, there is a specific program just for you:

For a wealth of information in addition to what we have here, please visit Breathe NH's website.

December 2019:  Take a few minutes to view this new video from the Addiction Policy Forum to learn a bit more about the dangers of vaping and the teen brain, specifically.

How to talk to your kids about Vaping: 

 Tobacco  includes cigarettes and other products that can contain tobacco or nicotine.

Such as:

“vapes”, “vape pens”, “vaporizers”, “e-cigs”, “PV”, “mods” and “smoke juice”.

Traditional cigarettes, cigars or pipes, chew tobacco

We encourage you to visit our partners sites that contain updated information and options for quitting.  

We strongly encourage prevention efforts to limit experimentation with these products.  It is best if people never start using these products given the difficulty to stop or quit.  

QUIT VAPING - Resources and tools available to help teens quit vaping

These videos are short and give a lot of info. Please watch!

WMUR Health Headlines: What Parents Need to Know about Juuling

A conversation with Dr. Benjamin Chan, NH State Epidemiologist. Very informative video. Less than two minutes long, worth watching!




Published September 2018, as the FDA declares vaping has hit "epidemic proportions" in young people in the US:

An Epidemic is Spreading - Each video in this playlist is no more than 31 seconds long. Please watch!

This video is real teens talking about vaping in 2016 before "JUULing" was prevalent. The video is only around 3 minutes long. Please watch: 

Real California teens talk about vaping (2016)

September 25, 2018: Vaping Unveiled™ with Breathe NH at Raymond High School. Thank you to the Raymond School District for bringing in this very important presentation, and many thanks to Raymond Community Television for recording so that we all may share and people can watch who were unable to attend the event: 

Follow along with detailed, up-to-date, information provided to us by Breathe NH, click on the image to view all documents:

May 15, 2018: Gateway 101 - Laurie Warnock, MPH, EMT, from New Hampshire Poison Control Center gives a very entertaining and informative presentation on E-cigarettes, vaping and even more new and upcoming trends with electronic nicotine delivery devices (ENDDs). This is a must-watch!

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